Seed Potatoes Now In!

We stock Taylors certified early & main crop seed potatoes. These can be grown in the ground or if space is an issue why not try growing some in these potato bags.

First Early Varieties
Arran Pilot - Excellent Taste, High Yielding, Resistant to Common Scab
Salad, Boil, Mash, Roast

Epicure – Good new potato, Best for Boiling, White, Floury Flesh
Salad, Boil,

Home Guard - Well Flavoured, Good boiler, Good Scab Resistance
Boil, Roast

Maris Bard - High Yielding, Drought Resistant, Good All Rounder
Salad, Boil, Bake, Mask, Chip, Roast

Pentland Javelin - Heavy Crops, Suitable for All Soils, Eelworm & Scab Resistant
Salad, Boil, Bake, Mash, Chip, Roast

Sharpe’s Express – Distinctive Flavour, Good All Rounder, Shallow Eyes
Salad, Boil, Bake, Mash, Chip, Roast

Swift - Earliest of All, Resistant to Scab & Virus, Perfect for Containers
Salad, Boil, Bake, Chip, Roast

Second Early Varieties
Charlotte - Popular Salad Variety, Hint of Chestnut Flavour, Excellent Blight Resistance
Salad, Boil, Roast

Estima - Drought Resistant, Long Season, Good Resistance to Slugs
Boil, Bake, Chip, Roast

Nicola - Buttery Flavour, Eelworm & Blight Resistant, Good for Salads
Salad, Boil, Mash, Chip, Roast

Main Crop Varieties
Maris Piper – The Chip Shop Potato, Stores Well, Eelworm Resistant
Boil, Mash, Chip, Bake

Pink Fir Apple - Late Salad Variety, Nutty Flavour, Best Cooked In Skins
Salad, Boil, Roast

Record - Ideal For Crisps, Good All Rounder, Slug Resistant
Boil, Bake, Mash, Chip, Roast

Desiree - Drought Resistant, High Yielding, Most Popular Red
Boil, Bake, Mash, Chip, Roast

King Edward - Very Popular Variety, Good Flavour, Floury Texture
Boil, Bake, Mash, Chip, Roast

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