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Hanging Baskets & Refill Service

Ready for sale

As well as a selection of planted up patio pots/containers we also have available in season a range of ready-to-go hanging baskets. Great if you are selling your house, need to impress visitors, returned from holiday to un-watered baskets etc.


Refill Service

We refill customers empty hanging baskets which can be brought in anytime. Baskets are filled for both summer and winter seasons. Customers start bringing their empty baskets from January onwards. Generally they are ready for collection early June once the threat of a late frost has gone.

Winter baskets are ready for collection from late September onwards. These will flower right through to the following May/June.


Why choose a Garnetts Gardens basket?

  • Homegrown plants used.
  • Slow release fertiliser used helps give long lasting, vigorous,healthy growth.
  • Additive included helps prevent greenfly attack.
  • Plants selected by us to suit basket position i.e. plants for shade,part sun,full sun.This is a very important detail in the basket’s performance.
  • Over 20 years experience and long standing loyal customers who come back year after year for their baskets to be planted.


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