Bedding, Patio & Basket Plants

We have specialised in growing our own bedding, patio & basket plants for 21 years.

The emphasis has been to produce plants which give great garden performance. Consequently, we have been rewarded with long standing customer loyalty. Indeed some customers travel from as far away as 50 miles each year to make their seasonal plant purchases!

Spring/Summer range

Antirrhinums, Begonia, Impatiens (Busy Lizzy), Geranium, Lobelia, Petunia, Verbena etc.

Trailing & Non-Stop Begonia, trailing & upright Fuchsia/Geranium, Surfinia Petunia, Million Bells, Scaevola, Bacopa, trailing Verbena etc.

All the above listed plants are raised in our heated polytunnels and when they are ready they are transferred to the retail area for customer purchase. A great advantage of this is that, unlike bought in plants, they have spent no time couped up in a delivery vehicle with no light or ventilation. These transport conditions can be detrimental to plant quality. This is one of the major benefits of homegrown plants.

Autumn range

Panola winter flowering Pansies, Coolwave trailing Pansies, upright Violas, Polyanthus, Sweet Williams, Wallflowers.

All grown outside on our nursery to optimise garden performance. We grow Panola Pansies because in trials these have proved to have the best winter flowering performance and, of course, our customers love them!

Our homegrown Coolwave trailing Pansies have proved a remarkable success – the first winter hardy trailing plant with such a long flowering display.

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