Patio Pots and Ornaments

Patio Pots

We stock a significant range of frost resistant terracotta, glazed, lightweight fibreclay and ornate and plain plastic pots. Also available are window boxes/troughs, saucers and pot feet. If required advice is on hand to help you choose a pot, advise on drainage and the most suitable compost for the plants being potted. Assisting getting your purchases to your car is an integral part of our service should you require help.

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Ornaments and Benches

An attractive range of ornaments is on display throughout our plant centre adding to the pleasure of your shopping experience as you meander around our displays. Stone bird baths, benches, statues, animals and ornate troughs are displayed amongst the plants.

Local delivery can be arranged at an agreed fee if required.

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Cats and Dogs
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Urns, Statues, Benches and Troughs
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